Our Story

In 2016, while discussing business over chips and salsa, The Black San Diego: Empowering Our Community, company was born. Derived from a Facebook post, “I want a list of Black owned businesses and professionals in San Diego,” by Tinicia, and followed by a response from Sheri, “I have a business project that could go along with what you are doing,” the two set out to provide a platform for Black owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals in San Diego. These ladies have built an online community of business owners, consumers, and community members who are committed to Uniting under the premise of circulating the dollar in the Black community. With the development of a non-profit that commits to teaching best business practices by presenting workshops and business bootcamps, the final destination will manifest a Black HUB of business owners who present excellence in a way that will promote generational wealth indefinitely. Consequently, supporting Black businesses is not a trend, it is a lifestyle. Together Let’s Better Black Businesses.
Her early beginnings are rooted in the bay Area, but San Diego has long since become the home of this world traveling, roller blading, soccer mom of five. Sheri’s study of business, resulting in a B.S. Degree in Business Administration, with a focus in Finance, Business Law and Real Estate, has given her a unique perspective and the tools necessary to fuel her ever burning passion; building better businesses. Sheri wasn’t satisfied with keeping her passion to herself working as an accountant while also operating a Real Estate Company of her own; S.A.K.K. Realty. No, she desires to also pass on her expertise and experience to other black business owners, so that we may all flourish and live our best lives here, in Black San Diego.
As a native San Diegan who has watched the landscape of the city she loves change drastically throughout the years, Tinicia had become fed up with the age-old question, “Where are all the Black people and businesses in San Diego?” This wife and mother of six wasted no time in teaming up with her childhood friend, so that she could not only answer the question, but also tell you how businesses were burgeoning in the community. Through her dedication and commitment to quality the SDSU graduate and final piece to the Black San Diego puzzle; has helped research and procure over 600 black business listings, and the number is still growing. Her support of her community has been continuous, whether it has been using her Bachelors of Art degree in Kinesiology as a Middle School Physical Education Teacher for over 10 years, or her newly minted title of business owner; she has and will continue to enjoy the journey of community accountability and economic growth.