Terms & Conditions
Black San Diego: Empowering Our Community Members

Customers: When seeking out services, be specific. Include what service you are in search of, and by what date you would like to receive the service.
Events: When posting events; post the owner or event coordinator, the name of the event, the date(s) the event will take place, the location, the beginning and end time, also, post any links to purchase tickets and stay up to date on the event.
Businesses: Post your business name, any contact information including; phone number, website, email address, and relevant social media handles. Include location, address, city, and state. Also, include what services or product(s) the business is providing.

When commenting, do not take over  someone’s post with your own agenda that does not pertain to the original post. If someone is asking for a service that you cannot refer or provide the service for, do not comment. When a post asks for recommendations on services and products, suggest Black Owned Businesses ONLY. Do not threaten, or use harsh language towards other members in the community.

If you are a scam artist, STAY AWAY. Businesses who are proven to wrongfully handle customers will be removed from the group indefinitely. 

Any members who are not following guidelines may be removed from the group indefinitely and without warning.
Black San Diego: Empowering Our Community will not be held responsible for any misservice that occurs between businesses and customers. Please do your due diligence when seeking out services. 

Consumer tips for SUCCESS:
*Source licensing and compliance  *Search for necessary permits and licenses  prior to booking *Create contracts between parties *Document work orders *Use previous client testimonials to base judgment on quality of work *Read all terms and agreements before moving forward with a business. Be cautious when paying for products and services using Venmo or CashApp as disputes and refunds are not guaranteed. When using PayPal ensure you are paying for goods and services and NOT the friends method. 

Sample questions to ask:
Are you licensed and bonded? (can you provide me with proof) What method of payments do you accept? Do you provide contracts and invoices for services? Do you have a booking site? Do you require deposits? Do you have samples of your work? 

– BSD Team